We offer professional family history research services across the former Yugoslavia, including of course Serbian genealogical research.

In Serbia itself, we can provide assistance: 

  • in Vojvodina, including Banat, formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As well as ethnic Serbian research, we can help investigate ancestry for those with roots among, for example, the ethnic German Donauschwaben and Hungarians of this region.
  • south of the Danube, in continental Serbia, formerly under Ottoman Turkish rule. As well as those with Serbian roots, we can also help those with Jewish connections to Belgrade and other towns.
  • in Kosovo, researching Serbian roots, subject to local conditions.
  • researching the family histories of the many White Russian émigrés who settled in Yugoslavia after the 1917 Revolution and the defeat of the White Army in Russia.

For Serbian ancestral research beyond the borders of modern Serbia, the types of records available and the prospects for success vary with the territory. It is important to understand that few regions have an unbroken documentary record and, therefore, to manage your own expectations as to what is achievable. However, we can assist with research into the family trees of ethnic Serbs whose ancestors came from: 

  • today’s Republika Srpska and elsewhere within Bosnia-Hercegovina.
  • Croatia, including the Krajina around the town of Knin.
  • Macedonia.
  • Montenegro, such as the Bokelji from Boka Kotorska who were prominent among the earlier waves of emigrants to North America.

In these places, vital records created by church and state have been lost or destroyed at various times, including as recently the 1990s. However, even where records are incomplete, it is usually possible to recreate a family history using alternative sources, so please contact us for a free opinion and an assessment as to the prospects for research.

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